How to Care for Your Bar

Bar Shaft and Knurling:

Required maintenance will vary depending on the application and environment, but no material or finish is 100% corrosion proof. Following these steps, however, will increase performance, appearance and add additional life to your barbell:

Using a stiff wire brush (a stainless steel brush is strongly recommended for stainless steel, hard chrome and raw steel bars; a stiff nylon brush is recommended for all other finishes) periodically clean chalk and other residue from the knurling and other areas of the bar shaft.

If performed regularly this can be done with the brush alone, although a quality metal lubricant can also be applied first to help remove anything stubborn, such as heavy chalk, corrosion, etc. We find that metal lubricants like LPS 2 or 3-in-1 work very well. If you plan to use your bar shortly after being cleaned with lubricant simply wipe it down with a degreasing agent, such as 409 cleaner/similar.


If chalk is used regularly it can over time get into the bushings and have effects on bar spin. This is an easy fix though and requires no disassembly: the same lubricant can be applied to the bushings on the inner sleeve (standing the bar vertically) and spun while the lubricant is applied. Repeat as necessary. DO NOT use anything with silicone added as this will dry out the existing lubricant and bushing system. Note: this applies only to bars with bushing systems; bearing bars do not require this.